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What do your eyes say about you?


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Our intention is to help improve health. We take pride in providing high quality products, ingredients, and services. To operate with integrity, compassion, and honesty; providing a welcoming, friendly and soothing environment for everyone we work with.

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The eye can tell so much about a person. How their body is likely to respond under certain situations, what problems the body may experience; such as difficulity digesting proteins, blood sugar imbalances, anxiety or stress and even personality traits. When you have the knowledge about your specific genetics you understand "the why" and become empowered to make the best life choices for you.

Bio-Field Tuning

We were the first in Calgary, and now Nova Scotia to offer a unique sound balancing technique that clears and cleans the magnetic bio-field surrounding the body. This is where we store all experiences in vibration form. What's so exciting is the profound healing effects from removing static or dissonance in the field due to past events.

Pet Therapies

Companion animals can benefit from non- invasive Reiki and Sound Therapies as well as Herbs. These can help with stress, illness, trauma, behavioral concerns and end of life transition. We offer Reiki, Sound Balancing, Iridology, Herbal Consulting and Cat Behavior Counseling.

Glycerite Tinctures
(no alcohol)

The sweetness from the glycerin makes our formulas yummy for even the most particular taste buds without the effects of sugar on the system. This makes them great options for those with blood sugar concerns and they contain no alcohol. Perfect for children and pets!

— Abraham Hicks