Want to Learn Reiki?

Usui Reiki

First Degree Reiki

Learn the history of Reiki and the Chakra Energy system. You will learn the Reiki Code of Ethics and the five principles of Reiki. Acquire knowledge of the Reiki hand positions and learn to provide a session for yourself or others through practical application. First Degree Reiki is focused on self healing and hands on healing for others.

Prerequisite: No experience required.

Cost: $199.00


The focus of Second Degree Reiki is distance healing and healing at the emotional and mental levels. You will learn how to do healing for someone not physically there who may be any distance from you. You also learn how to send healing to situations that happened in the past or events coming in the future. 

Prerequisite: First Degree Reiki

Cost: $199.00


The final level of Reiki training is focused on spiritual healing and acquiring the skills to teach Reiki to others. You will learn the final two symbols and how to attune others to Reiki.

Prerequisites: First Degree Reiki and Second Degree Reiki

Cost: $299.00