Susan's Story


From my earliest memories, the allure of the outdoors, the intricate beauty of nature, and the magic of tending to gardens have been threads woven into the fabric of my life. A childhood spent alongside my mother, learning the art of nurturing plants and discovering ancestral tales, laid the foundation for a profound connection to the Earth.

As I grew, so did my love for a healthy lifestyle, fueled not only by the fervor of competitive sports from a young age but also by the desire to unravel any medicinal secrets embedded in our family’s history. My parents became my guides, leading me to our ancestral properties, where they generously shared fragments of knowledge, creating a bridge between past traditions and contemporary wellness.

While sports initially taught me the importance of a healthy lifestyle for performance, it was a transformative moment at a rock climbing gym that crystallized the broader significance. Witnessing two gentlemen in their 70’s effortlessly conquering climbs that challenged even my younger self was a revelation. Intrigued, I engaged in conversation with these seasoned climbers, and their wisdom was enlightening. They spoke of the profound impact of a nourishing diet, consistent exercise, and the delicate dance of stress management and relaxation.

This encounter became a source of inspiration, a testament to the enduring vitality and strength that a well-balanced life can offer, even in our senior years.

Over the span of two decades, my journey has been one of dedicated exploration and inquiry into the realms of herbs, various natural healing methodologies, supplements, and diverse health approaches. The driving force behind this quest has been the earnest pursuit of not just maintaining but elevating both my personal health and that of my loved ones.

It was a pivotal realization that nudged me to redirect my professional path, steering it toward endeavors that resonated more keenly with my passions. Central to this is a profound belief in the transformative powers of herbs, proper nutrition, and the energetic vibrations that shape our well-being. I advocate for the integration of these elements into every comprehensive wellness plan, recognizing their tremendous impact on the delicate equilibrium between health and dis-ease within the body.

Sukare Wellness was created because my family and I developed allergic reactions to ingredients in some natural products on the market. Finding products that do not contain these ingredients, was extremely difficult, almost impossible….so I created my own; natural and organic! 

SuKare evolved expanding offerings to encompass herbal remedies, consultations and sound therapies. As an Iridologist and Herbalist, I primarily work with clients to enhance their well-being through herbal interventions and dietary support.

My areas of specialization reflect my diverse experiencs and interests. Whether it’s addressing sports injuries, managing pain, delving into internal medicine or tackling endocrine disorders such as diabetes, stress and thyroid imbalances. 

In my consultations, I employ a range of traditional assessment tools, including tongue analysis, pulse analysis, glandular body typing, and applied kinesiology (muscle testing) as deemed appropriate. Together, we explore facets of general health, nutrition, health goals, and self-care, tailoring a plan that aligns seamlessly with your unique needs for a successful wellness journey.

The revelation of sound therapies and their profound healing impact on our well-being became a pivotal moment for me, prompting a decision to incorporate this transformative practice into my offerings. The non-invasive nature of sound vibrations, gently retuning our body’s electrical field, makes it a truly welcome option. The positive feedback from clients is both heartening and diverse, ranging from heightened relaxation and centeredness to diminished pain, anxiety, and even unexpected positive shifts in relationships.

In my journey, I am perpetually inquisitive, driven by a passion for learning and an openness to explore the myriad possibilities that various healing modalities hold. Beyond sound therapy, my studies have delved into Bio-Field Tuning, applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Body Talk, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Reflexology, Acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy, TCM and Acupuncture and an ever-expanding list of modalities awaiting exploration.

This commitment to continual learning reflects my dedication to offering a holistic and evolving approach to well-being, one that embraces the rich tapestry of healing modalities to serve the diverse needs of my clients. 

Becoming a Usui Reiki Master was a transformative journey for me, unlocking the ability to harness Reiki energy for healing both in person and at a distance. This newfound skill became a powerful tool in my quest to assist not only my ailing cat but also distant family members. The prospect of offering distance Reiki for animals, especially when sound or proximity were challenging, was particularly exciting. With a deep love for animals, and a special place in my heart for cats, I dedicated myself to utilizing every skill and piece of knowledge I could acquire to aid them in times of need.

In honor of my beloved cat Tracker, I pursued additional expertise in Canine and Feline Iridology, Reflexology, and herbs specifically tailored for cats. Volunteering at a cat rescue became a natural extension of this dedication, filling what I saw as a crucial gap in pet care. The ability to integrate holistic approaches with conventional treatment has proven invaluable. I’ve witnessed herbal remedies achieve results beyond the reach of conventional medicine, while energy healing gently addresses emotional trauma, fears, and behavioral issues.

My time at the shelter opened my eyes to the plight of many cats arriving with traumas from abandonment, abuse, loss, or a lack of human care. Their heartbreaking stories motivated me to provide them a chance at healing and finding a loving home. Utilizing energy work, I’ve witnessed remarkable transformations in these cats, helping them become more at ease, social, and eventually finding adoptive families. In the midst of approximately 100 free-roaming shelter kitties, there was always someone in need of care or just eager for a snuggle. This hands-on experience, coupled with an intuitive connection with cats, has equipped me with insights into behavior training, addressing issues like fear, hiding, peeing, aggression, semi-feral tendencies, and inter-cat relations. Today, I extend my services to cat parents, aiming to make a positive impact on the well-being and behavior of their feline companions.

At present I am embarking on a new chapter of my professional journey to learn the wisdom of holistic healing of Traditional Chinese Medicine and will be offering additional services such as acupuncture, fire cupping, guasha, acupressure and TCM herbs in the near future.

Outside of assisting patients, you’ll likely find me immersed in the vibrant world of my garden or nature. Whether tending to the lush array of plants, harvesting nature’s bounty, or transforming these treasures into practical remedies or body care products, I revel in the peace and alchemy of nature. My time is equally cherished in the company of my feline companions, sharing moments of connection and affection.

When not amid the greenery, I find solace and stimulation in the pages of a good book or engaging in sports.


Certified Comprehensive Iridologist

Family Herbalist

Certified Herbal Consultant

Usui Reiki Master