Susan Pettipas

Principal, Certified Iridologist, Herbalist, Reiki Master, Practitioner

Hi I’m Susan Pettipas, a Certified Iridologist and Herbalist. I would love to help you reach your health goals naturally. I am passionate about Herbs and a geek when it comes to looking at eyes. I get excited for my clients when I hear they are getting results and starting to feel better! I help people through herbs, energy therapies and lifestyle coaching. I also help companion animals the same way.

An appointment consists of me taking pictures of your eyes and tongue. We have a conversation about how you’re feeling and any symptoms, as well as anything that runs in the family. Then I show you some important markings in your eyes and tongue and what they mean regarding your health. With this information I get a good idea of where your body can use some support and create a program that is unique for your needs. This program may include supplements, lifestyle advice, energy therapy, or dietary recommendations. We start slow to ensure the correct path to get results and reach your goals.

If you have any questions connect with me. Otherwise, book an appointment and lets start reaching goals and feeling better!


Symptoms we think are signs of illness are actually the efforts of the body to heal itself.

Nausea and vomiting are the result of the body’s actions to expel what is irritating it. To help support the body we allow it to do what it knows best, instead of suppressing the symptoms.

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