Most frequent questions and answers

For in person payments we accept Cash, Tap, E-transfers, and credit cards through Square Payments. Unfortunately square is not yet set up to accept regular debit card payments at this time.

Online purchases and distance sessions are processed through the checkout via PayPal or Stripe payments for credit cards at this time. To pay via e-Transfer please email info@sukarewellness.com for arrangements.

Invoices and/or Receipts are provided for appointments for submission to your individual benefit plan.

No problem, we would appreciate you provide at least 24 hrs notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment or full session fees apply.

This is an in-depth health consultation. We will determine the underlying imbalances in your body systems using traditional methods of assessment. This will include taking pictures of your eyes and tongue, taking your pulse, talking about symptoms and history and may include muscle testing. 

Various aspects of your life are discussed. We look into your general health, nutrition, health goals, self-care and address them with herbs or natural recommendations designed for your specific objectives or concerns.

Sessions are between 60-90 mins.


Absolutely! These are not much different than an in person consultation.  They are conducted via phone, email, skype, zoom, messenger or a suitable conferencing platform. The only difference is that I will ask you to take a few pictures and email them in advance and walk you through taking your own pulse.

A Mini Consult is a basic consultation for people who need some quick advice or want to have one or two questions answered. This does not involve an in-depth assessment or a look at your eyes and tongue.
These sessions are 15-20 mins and can be completed via email or phone.

Allow the sound waves from a crystal quartz singing bowl to wash over you. Immersion in beautiful sounds will clean and clear your mind, body and soul leaving you feeling relaxed, calm and rejuvenated. Soothing scents maybe used to create a relaxing atmosphere. A session is 60 mins.

We offer 3 packages:

  1. Our Health energy package is a combination of a Health Consult and a Sound Balancing or Reiki session.
  2. The Family Package is ideal for a family of 4 as it includes 4 consults. These consults may also be used for 4 consults. (the sessions must be used within one calendar year)
  3. If you have another type of package in mind let us know and we will see if we can accommodate you.