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Blood Sugars out of Control? Lack Energy?  Stressed?    We Can Help.

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We specialize in digestive health, stress, blood sugar imbalances and energy levels. However it doesn’t matter what the issue is if you help the body restore balance you can address most concerns.

We treat...

Stress, Anxiety & Adrenal Fatigue 100%
Digestive Issues, Colitis, IBD 100%
Sugar Imbalance 100%
PMS, Menstral Pain 100%
Sleep Issues 100%
Anemia & Liver Support 100%
UTI's & Urinary Issues 100%
Fatigue 100%
and More 100%

Do you have Digestive Issues?

– Pass Gas that clears the Room.

– Look Pregnant after Eating.

– Cramps or Sharp Pains.

-Loose Stools or Waiting to go.

– Lack Energy & Brain Fog.

– Feel Stuffed.

What is Involved in a Consultation?

We start with a look at the eyes. What genetics and constitution do you have? Next is your tongue and a conversation on what symptoms you are experiencing and what runs in the family. When you understand how your machine runs and when there maybe some road bumps it’s easy to make sure it runs smoothly!

Next is looking at how the body systems maybe out of balance or needing some support. The individual body systems are grouped into 3 pairs of opposites. The goal for optimum health is to remain in homeostasis, in balance, but like a scale we can shift one way or the other depending on all the environmental factors affecting our body. Therefore it’s important to understand what the tissue states are then help the body to normalize them while identifying and eliminating the root causes. Interestingly these root causes very often align with what the eyes indicate constitutionally.

A consultation may incorporate traditional assessment tools such as pulse analysis, or applied Kinesiology (muscle testing). At the end of the appointment you will have the next steps to take and an understanding of why you may experience certain issues. Being proactive can help avoid or delay chronic illness and by focusing on the root causes of imbalance using a variety of tools such as energy work, herbs, supplements, nutrition, and the mind state we can support the body in achieving optional health and wellness.


Iridology tells us individual personality traits and constitutional strengths or weakness in the body. The eyes do not tell us what is currently wrong in the body, any diseases you may currently have or if that condition has reversed. They only indicate areas to monitor so that we can avoid illness. Most often the areas of imbalance in an individual will correspond with what the eyes indicate are genetic predispositions.


Tongue Analysis

Tongue analysis, an ancient Chinese assessment tool, can tell us what areas are currently out of balance. This is a tool for assessing the biological terrain. The tongue can change in a manner of hours so it is a good indicator to the success of any applied recommendations. It is also a great tool for monitoring your health on a regular basis.

Pulse Analysis

The Pulse Assessment will provide valuable information about the body and the general areas where the imbalances are occurring. It is a major diagnostic tool in many health professions around the world and indicates what is happening in the body at this moment. An assessment will look at the strength, rate, width and height of the pulse for information.

pulse pic
muscle testing

Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology, or Muscle Testing, is based on the idea that there is an energy field flowing around and through everything. In muscle testing we check the flow of energy through the body. The muscle acts as a biofeedback device indicating if an influence is stressful or beneficial to the body. It can indicate areas of energy weakness. For a stressful influence the muscle will test weak and for a positive influence the muscle will test strong.