Our goal is simple, to help people realize their optimal health and wellness through incorporating herbs, proper nutrition and energetic vibrations into their wellness plans to bring wholeness into their being. To provide high quality ingredients, products and services. To operate with integrity, compassion and honesty; providing a welcoming, friendly and soothing environment. To that end we offer products that are made from high quality certified organic or sustainably wild harvested botanicals in the form of herbal remedies, nutritional or herbal supplements and body kare products. Custom herbal formulas are based on each clients unique needs and made in the manner that will allow the best action of the herbs and ease of use for the client.


“Nature has provided us with countless herbs and plants to use in natural
healing as each plant offers its own unique medicinal, energetic and
nutritional benefits”

– Unknown


Plants have been the basis for medical treatments through much of human history, and such traditional medicine is widely practiced today throughout the world. Upwards of 80% of the population in some countries use herbalism as their primary health care and Herbalists have been using plant medicine to treat illness for thousands of years.

Many pharmaceuticals used today in western medicine have been modeled on, or derived from chemicals found in plants. An example is the cardiac medication Digitalin derived from the Foxglove plant.  Using plants as medicine provides significant advantages for treating many conditions. The constituents of a plant work together synenergistically often resulting in a more favorable outcome than using an isolated chemical pharmaceutical.

Practicing Herbalism is not just about taking herbs as opposed to pharmaceuticals or treating symptoms. The goal is to uncover the roots of dis-ease in the body and identify tissue states that are out of balance. The roots are the environmental stressors that overwhelm the ability of the body to maintain balance, so each individuals biochemistry, life situations, diet, exercise routine, and attitude factor into the state of health of that individual.

The tissue states are the condition of the individual body systems and are grouped into 3 pairs of opposites. The goal for optimum health is to remain in homeostasis, in balance, but like a scale we can shift one way or the other depending on all the environmental factors effecting our body. Therefore the focus is placed on what the tissue states are and helping the body to normalize them while identifying and eliminating the root causes.

Every person in the world has a current imbalance. Most are able to compensate so they do not exhibit symptoms until the body can no longer manage. At this point more systems fall out of balance and the person will become ill. Being proactive with your health can help avoid or delay chronic illness.


Therapeutic Teas

One enjoyable way to benefit from natures plants is to drink herbal teas. They don’t actually contain tea leaves or caffeine but they do contain the medicinal properties from the various plant roots, bark, seeds, leaves or flowers in the blend. Herbal teas are also a great source of vitamins and minerals. Our therapeutic teas are made with Kare containing only certified organic or sustainably wild crafted herbs.

Salves, Glycerites and Tinctures

Our salves and glycerites are made from certified organic or sustainably wild crafted herbs. We make custom blends designed to address specific client imbalances as well as blends that address general health concerns.  Salves allow quick topical application of herbs and are conveniently packed into containers that can go where you go. Our glycerites are herbals made for internal use. The sweetness from the glycerin can mask the nasty flavors of some herbs and makes our formulas more tasty without the effects of sugar on the system. This makes them great options for those with blood sugar concerns or those looking to avoid alcohol. We also make select tinctures when needed for the clients preference.

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