Pet Therapy


Reiki can help animals in a number of ways. It can heal physical illness and injury, help emotional issues, and help make the transition of a dying animal more peaceful.
Many of our companions’ chronic physical and behavioral problems are preceded by emotional trauma that has not been fully resolved. Therefore it can be a powerful tool to help them heal the emotional trauma associated with neglect, abuse, fear and trust issues.

Sound Balancing

Animals are very receptive to sound frequencies. Once comfortable with the feeling and accepting of how good they feel during and after a session, animals will often seek out treatments. It was this way with my Tracker, whenever he didn't feel well he would jump up on the treatment table and call for me to give him a session. He would place his body where he wanted the forks, exposing his belly for tummy aches or putting his bum in my face for work on his root chakra. When he had enough he would give me a kiss and jump down. The majority of cats i have worked on purred loudly and kneaded their paws during a session.

Iridology & Herbalism

Iridology is the science of looking at the iris of the eye to assess genetic constitution and weakness in the body. This can be helpful for prevention of possible health concerns or when combined with current symptoms can guide you to body systems needing support.
Reading the iris can direct to areas of discomfort the pet may be experiencing.

Herbs are becoming more desirable to help our kitties with minor and even serious health and emotional issues. Once over looked we are now embracing them in daily health plans.

Cat Behavioral Coaching

Help for your cat in the comfort of your home.
Dealing with behavior issues such as fear and emotional trauma, aggression redirection, inter-cat relations, feline separation anxiety, confidence building with shy anxious cats, socializing feral cats.
You can strengthen the bond between you and your cat with patience, listening to them and communicating in a way they understand.

Loving Our Pets

Feral Kitties can be domesticated.
Silver has come so far and it's hard to believe she was so fearful and aggressive no one could get close to her.
She IS the cuddly affectionate kitty that I saw under the pile of other cats at the shelter where I volunteer. I often thought she was the heart of the cats at the shelter and if she could be socialized she would be such a love bug!
I was right, she is such a sweet and affectionate cat. I absolutely love this picture of us!!

Our fur companions can benefit from natural healing modalities just like us. They are more sensitive and receptive to sounds and energies but experience the same healing effects. All sessions begin with an introduction to your pet and may include Bio-Field, Acutonic, Chakra balancing or Reiki.

Sessions vary in length depending on what your pet will allow.