Say Goodbye to Stress, Anxiety and Pain.

Energy healing can have a profound and remarkable effect on how you live your life.

Healing with Vibrational Sound

We were the first in Calgary and now the first in Nova Scotia to offer a unique sound balancing technique, Bio-Field Tuning, that clears and cleans the magnetic bio-field surrounding the body. This is where we store all experiences in vibration form.

What’s so exciting is the profound healing effects from removing static or dissonance in the field due to past events. Such as pain reduction, resolving emotional blocks, deep relaxation, calming the nervous system, stress reduction, feeling centered and more…


Bio-Field Tuning

The Bio-Field (bio-magnetic field) is the energetic field that surrounds the human body like a bubble; it can extend outwards of 6 feet or more. Energetic disturbances in this field can result in emotional imbalances or physical pain or illness. The sound waves produced by Tuning forks are used to comb, clear and re-tune the energy in the field in a simple and non-invasive way.

A session is designed to locate, identify, and interrupt patterns of sonic imbalance. Being able to identify the “source point” of the stress in the field and neutralize it gently with sound has produced profound outcomes.

Sonic Face, Hand & Foot Treatment

 As we encounter the stresses of daily life we squint, frown and tighten the muscles in our body. This is quite noticeable in the face, hands and feet as we see wrinkles, lines, and feel aches and pains. Enjoy a spa like treatment where vibration is gently applied to points on the face, hands and feet to relax tighten muscles and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated

Sound Baths

Our body is crystalline in structure which means that it will respond and resonate with the frequencies generated by singing bowls. Unlike other singing bowls Crystal singing bowls are made from pure Quartz Crystal and infused with other elements and precious gems. It is this combination and the size and shape of the bowl that affect the frequency and sound emitted as well as the healing effect on the body.

These powerful sound-wave frequencies are absorbed at the cellular level and can easily be felt in the body. Each experience is unique to the individual. Some experience profound relaxation, temporary aches or pains in specific areas of the body, tingling in certain areas, and unexpected emotions may arise. These are all part of the body healing and re-aligning the energy flow back to balance.

Pet Therapies

I am an animal lover and believe they should have the same healing options available to them as we do. Dogs and Cats are much more sensitive to sound and energies than we are and can be helped by them just the same. I will come to your home for treatment where your pet is most comfortable and receptive.

Having pets my whole life I understand how much they are loved and apart of the family. I regularly use Sound Balancing and Reiki on my cats, especially when they are not feeling well and I see the relief in their bodies during a session. I also volunteer my services to shelter cats so they can received the benefits of sound while waiting for their furever homes. Pet therapy has helped some become adopted!

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*Sound Therapy doesn’t substitute vet diagnosis and treatment.

How Does Sound Balancing Work?

Sound Balancing uses the sound waves produced by devices to change or re-tune the vibration frequencies in or around the body. Why is this significant? Well, every cell in our body vibrates at a specific frequency, when that vibration changes from normal we began the stages of illness. Vibrations, measured in Hertz (Hz), penetrate all tissues and bones and can also affect the energy flow (Ki, Chi, Prana, life force) of the body. This means when working on a cellular or energetic level, the sound waves can change or move the flow of energy, and re-tune the hertz frequency of cells to profound results. In a theoretical world, if the energy flow or cellular vibrations remain normal an individual will never experience illness because it is the change in energy that begins the stages of illness.  

Our energy can be shifted out of balance due to stress, negative emotional experiences, fear, loss, conflict, trauma, toxins and EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies generated by cell phones, laptops, TV’s and other electrical devices). When we are out of balance, or out of tune, we don’t feel well and may become symptomatic. When you experience an injury, emotional trauma or an illness, the energy in that area may change in vibrational frequency, get blocked or not flow normally; so like an accident on the highway, traffic starts backing up and detours are created if possible. The forks when chimed create vibrational frequencies, that can “re-tune” the frequency in that area or move the blockage, they are like the tow truck that removes the smashed vehicles. With the blockage gone, or the frequency re-tuned to normal function, energy flow resumes leaving the individual no longer triggered and feeling calm, relaxed or re-energized. Therapy sessions using Tuning Forks and Crystal Singing Bowls are non-invasive in nature and can re-align the bodies energy vibrations back to harmony.

The power of sound can energize the body when tired, lift our spirits or relax the body by soothing the nervous system. A great number of health problems can be helped with sound therapy, ranging from pain control to behavioral and emotional problems and more.

The frequency ranges for sound waves are broken into three sections: 1. Infra Sound, which are ranges below human hearing 2. Audible Sound which are the ranges humans can hear and 3. Ultra Sound, which are the ranges above human hearing. Conventional medicine uses Infra and Ultra sound waves in numerous medical diagnostic equipment and therapies and Non Conventional medicine uses the audible range. The practice of using tuning forks and crystal singing bowls therefore falls under audible sound.