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If you are looking for some top quality, natural, organic products, This is the place. Her lip balms are delicious, the bath bombs are amazing, and I have no words for the lotion bars 😍 I gave little gift packs for Christmas (2017) and everyone loved them! Thanks Susan

– Denise F

“We have used a variety of products from SuKare Wellness, all products have worked well. One product in particular stands out, SuKare Herbals All Heal Salve. It is a gentle, non-perfumed salve. We’ve used this product for many reason; burns, dry skin, scratches, turf burns, cuts, all with great results. This multi-purpose product is easy to apply, it is soothing and sinks into your skin. We highly recommend it.

– Colin J.

“Susan conducted my health assessment in November 2016. I found some of the assessment tools really interesting and I learned a new tip regarding monitoring my own physical condition. I appreciated her detailed written recommendations which reminded me of the action plan as well as the reasons for her recommendations. I noticed some positive changes within three weeks. Susan followed up with me and we continued to discuss my progress, including unexpected improvements. I’ve incorporated new healthy habits into my daily routine thanks to Susan and think she’s a great resource.”

– Crystal Willms

“I suffered a hand injury in April 2016, a gouge from wrist bone to knuckle of the little finger, one inch by two inches long. The emergency room Dr. said I just missed the tendons and a small blood vessel. The Dr. said it would take approximately 2 to 3 months to heal and there would remain a long white scar and stiffness in that area. Susan made a salve which I applied with each bandage changing. It stopped the bleeding and in 6 weeks was completely healed with little scaring. I have since used this salve on other cuts and abrasions and I am amazed at how quick it helps with the healing. I would recommend this salve to anyone and I thank Susan for her expertise in this matter.”

– Dave P.

“I absolutely love your lip balms and so does my son! This is the picture of him screaming after I took them away for the night.”

– Liisa H.

“You made a believer out of me! The salve took the pain in my knee away in 30 minutes and the Respiratory Rescue got rid of my sore throat over night when I have always had to use antibiotics.”

– David Pettipas

“I met Susan while volunteering at a cat shelter. I watched as the most scared cats were drawn to her as she performed Reiki and sound therapy. She would use herbal tonics and salves she made for tummy troubles, nose scabs and anything else she could help with. Her vast knowledge and hands on
approach helped many of the cats.
I have always felt stressed, some days worse than others. Most recently having lost weight and developed ulcers. One a pretty bad day I was
volunteering with Susan at the shelter. Susan strongly suggested I needed to take adaptogens to support my adrenals and explained why.
Because I know how much she has helped the felines and our many discussions, I went out to buy the tonic she suggested and was surprised
at the immediate difference it made. I don’t think I have ever lived without stress of some sort, I feel so good, weight lifted off my shoulders and I no longer perseverate about every little thing! Thank
you Susan. I feel great and owe it all to you!”

– Gail Hearns.